Tracy & scott snowman

Taylor and Jake (1994)



  • 1980 - Scott and Tracy Snowman started dating after becoming friends in art class.
  • 1983 -Scott and Tracy got married.
  • 1985-86 - Scott and Tracy graduated from college with Art Education degrees and started teaching near Springfield, IL
  • 1989 - Scott and Tracy graduated from the University of Illinois in Springfield with Master's Degrees in Children's Literature and Illustration. Snowman Studios started as a home-based business. The Snowman's moved back to their hometown of Canton, IL
  • 1992 - Daughter Taylor Snowman was born. The family designed and built their home in rural Canton.
  • 1994 - Son Jake Snowman was born.
  • 2000 - Scott and Tracy graduated from Western Illinois University with Master's Degrees in Science - Technology
  • 2011 - Snowman Studios gallery was opened in historic downtown Canton, IL The Snowman's publish their first children's book.
  • 2015 - Tracy and Scott adopted two of Santa's Reindeer. Snowman's Reindeer Farm opened.

How we do what we do

Sometimes people say we are "talented". We don't think of it that way. We are hard workers. We practice, we make mistakes and we keep trying again.



We have a lot of FUN doing what we do. We spend a lot of time with kids and animals so we always have tons of inspiration for our ART!

Taylor and Jake taking "selfies" with Klaus - 2015

Scott and Tracy Snowman are high school sweethearts that met in Scott’s dad’s art class as freshman. Tracy wrote about Scott in her diary that year noting that he was cute and hoped that he would ask her out. The two didn't see much of each other until they accidentally got all of their classes together their senior year. They quickly became great friends and had their first date in November of 1980. they have been together side by side ever since.

Tracy and Scott have continued work side by side as parents, teachers, artists and business owners for over 30 years. To learn more about their work visit one of their other websites: