The author's mom and dad (Tom and Norma Snowman) put on their pajamas and posed for Mr. and Mrs. Santa.

This was one of the hardest illustrations to do in the book because the artist's didn't have any reindeer to look at for the pose. This was the earliest conversation they had about needing to have pet reindeer!

The living room you see in this illustration is an exact replica of the author's living room. Scott Snowman took pictures from a ladder in the hallway to get this vantage point of the room. 

Author/Artists: Scott and Tracy Snowman with their reindeer Nutmeg and Klaus.

Author/Artist Scott Snowman posed for the two illustrations where Santa is painting the toys and eating the cookies. The toys seen in the book are very old ones owned by Scott and Tracy Snowman who believe in restoration. In fact, a great deal of the business they do at their art gallery is restoration and repair of broken art.

Note the hammer on the table. It really does have an engraving of a snowman on it. A friend of Tracy Snowman's named Candy Windsor wanted to give her something special for Christmas one year. Her husband, Rick, worked at a hammer factory and she asked him to make a set of snowman hammers for her. It is such a prized gift that it was purposely used in the book.

In order to get the reference pose for Santa calling his reindeer, Scott took a picture of his dad (Tom) pretending to call the cows at their farm.This is a pose Tom knows well since the family has raised cows for over 20 years.

The toys you see here are made up from various objects and toys found at the Snowman house. The stockings and fireplace are the exact stockings hung by the author's every year in their living room. Scott's dad posed for this image of Santa.

Nine different photos were taken to construct this illustration Each can was photographed separately while being held by Scott and turned at different angles. The artists crushed some of the cans to make them more interesting.

Above you see the original reference photo for the illustration of Santa filling the stockings. The image was then converted to a line drawing in the computer. The line drawing was used as reference for the final colored pencil drawing done on dark blue pastel paper.

Did you know that SANTA has been “GREEN” for a long time?
Think about it…Santa doesn’t drive a car – he travels with his sleigh and reindeer. With all the snow around his house, he hardly ever needs to turn the lights on. He doesn’t use any electricity to make his toys since he has lots of elves running the workshop. Santa doesn’t give out coal anymore for kids on the “naughty” list…he just leaves the stockings empty! Santa doesn’t smoke a pipe anymore either, which makes the air at his home and workshop healthier for everyone.

There are many websites you can visit to learn more about global warming and what you can do about it. Here are two of our favorites:

This page was redrawn approximately 10 times because the artists wanted it to swirl just right. They wanted the reindeer to be swirling without looking like they were being hurt. You will notice the reindeer in the middle seems to be smiling because the wind makes them happy.

Fun facts

"We love the earth and enjoy living in a part of the world where there are changing seasons. We can't imagine anything more beautiful than white fluffy snow sticking to the pines and landscape of our home. Now that we have reindeer, winter is our favorite time of year. We look forward to many more stories involving winter, Christmas and our beautiful pets!"

Scott and Tracy Snowman

On this page the cat in front of the fireplace is the author's cat. His name is Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Reese was adopted from the local animal shelter and is one of many pets at the Snowman house.

The author's made up the Mr. and Mrs. Snowman characters but the coat and hat worn by Mr. Snowman is almost exactly like the one's worn by Scott Snowman in real life.

AUTHOR'S FAVORITE: This illustration of Santa was drawn by having Scott's dad lean out their dining room window. The house you see in the background is the Snowman house with the shutter color changed from burgundy to green.

This drawing above was the original cover design for the book. It had a green background. Later the artists decided to change it to a more winter blue color so it would be more fun and friendly.

The Snowman House in Winter

AUTHOR'S FAVORITE: This is one of the artist's favorite pages, but it was very difficult to figure out how a snowperson's mouth would look if they were blowing up a wind. They had to make faces in a mirror to get it right. Later they liked this illustration and the one above so much they painted them on their sign/mural cargo trailer that goes with them on jobs throughout central Illinois.

The house in the background is really the Snowman house, which is gray with burgundy shutters. It was changed in the book to look more festive. The Snowman's like it so much that they are thinking about actually painting their house this color!

The artists did something that had never been done before in the telling of this famous story: they added a tandem sleigh on the back of the regular sleigh. Santa carries the toys as usual with an extra sleigh for recycling. The snowy landscape you see below is exactly what Santa would see flying over rural Canton where the author's live.

The authors researched about 50 years of children's books to find different pictures of Santa's sleigh. The sleigh you see here is a completely original version based on ideas from many books and movies.